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Hi, my name is Michael B. Hall.

When I landed my first salaried job after college I was super stoked! I was finally making my own income, but I was completely CLUELESS about my new found money and how to make it work for me.  I had a history of blowing all my cash I would save (ever since I was a kid!).  So, I had to do something or reap the momentum of my bad spending habits.

I decided to get serious and studied personal finance rigorously on my own (still do), and then I took massive action to plant seeds of wealth (still am).  There were certainly some bumps along the way, but by age 30 I had built a 7-figure net worth, and haven’t looked back since.

I am compelled to this story not to impress you, but to impress upon you that anyone can build wealth with the proper belief, knowledge, and focused actions.  If I could do it, you certainly can too. I’d love to be a small part of your journey there!

A little history…

I was the Co-founder of Bravura Networks, Inc., a national I.T. Services Company, where I served for 10 years (2002-2012) as CFO and President, before being acquired by External I.T. Since this time, I have been incredibly blessed to take an early “retirement” and spend the better part of my days as a full time Father of two… quite the shift!

On the side, I write a food blog ( with my cousin.  I am a lifelong student, always seeking knowledge.  As an active investor, I am constantly looking for a better return while minimizing risk.  Real estate has been good to me and I continue to focus on single family homes and first position trust deeds.

I have been happily married to my wife (Jorgina), for 10 years.  We actually met at University (U.C. San Diego), on a blind date!  She is a A.P. Biology teacher and incredibly passionate about her subject.  We live in sunny San Diego and have two wonderful children. Little K, our daughter, is quite outspoken and independent.  And our boy, Little L, is compassionate and fun-loving.

Finally, my purpose in life is to help serve others.  God has blessed me with more than I could ask for, and my goal is to be a good steward of his generosity and pay it forward.


Michael is extremely diligent, honest, and has an extraordinary work ethic. I whole-heartedly recommend him!Linda Kwon, Deputy Counsel at Naval Medical Center San Diego at US Navy - Judge Advocate General's Corps
Michael is a remarkable individual. Anyone would enjoy having Michael as someone who helps them in achieving their goals. Alex Corbin Liu, O.D., Optometrist at Alex Corbin Liu, OD Inc
Michael brings passion to everything he does. He’s also very humble and challenges himself and others to be the best they can be.Darren Wong, Blogger & Investor
Michael’s drive, enthusiasm, perseverance and work ethic has helped me professionally and personally for the last seven years. I have and will always maintain the highest level of respect for Mr. Hall and would give him the highest recommendation to anyone looking for a true professional driven by the highest of standards.Michael Kaiser, VP - Treasury Services Relationship Manager at First PREMIER Bank
It is a pleasure to work with Michael!Joe Robbins, CTO/Owner of Net Informant
Michael’s vision, dedication, and ability to assess the goal of a project and see it through to completion are phenomenal.Brett Knight, Independent I.T. Security Consultant
Michael proved to be a sharp and focused individual with the compassion and understanding to make him a respected friend.Thomas Son, Research Manager at MacroGenics
Michael is a fantastic person that is brilliant in his profession, has great people skills and is very easy to work with. He is very honest and fair. Michael is the type of person that makes sure things are right…for all parties involved!Sal Giacalone, Sales & Relationship Manager - Rush Press