Are You Embarrassed to Discuss Your Money?

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Talking about our money can touch a visceral nerve. Let’s face it, most of us are downright embarrassed to discuss our money. Why is this? What makes talking about money so uncomfortable that we shy away and avoid discussing the subject completely?

How to Build a Million Dollar Service Business

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Ever wonder how to build a million dollar service business from the ground up? I spent the better part of a decade building an I.T. support business serving local businesses throughout San Diego (and eventually nationally). We started out as just a few guys hustling out of our homes…

The 6 Stages of Financial Consciousness

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Part of being financially alert is understanding where you are, setting goals, and working towards achieving them. This could be a simple as tracking your spending, creating a monthly budget, and executing. But, what’s the motivation to do this? How financially conscious are you?