5 Tips for Saving Money When You’re Sick

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With the colder weather approaching, cold and flu season will be here before you know it. Being sick isn’t fun, and neither is having to spend a ton of money on medications. It’s important to prepare for the chance you or your family members might get sick, and to help you do that, here are five tips for saving money when you’re sick.

  1. Only buy the medicine you need — While there are many medicines out there that claim to help with a variety of symptoms, you might not have all of the symptoms they address. Combo medicines tend to be more expensive, so it could be beneficial to look for cheaper medicines that address only the symptoms you’re experiencing.
  2. Take advantage of low-cost clinics — If you’re feeling really sick but don’t have a doctor or can’t get an appointment, consider visiting an urgent care center. Every year, there are people who visit the Emergency Room for something like the flu or a cold because they can’t get in to see a regular physician. But did you know that seeking treatment at an urgent care center typically costs under $150 while the average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,500? Choosing a medical clinic can save you big money when you’re sick.
  3. Get a flu shot — Getting a flu shot every year could be an easy way to avoid getting sick altogether. Paying for your flu shot is worth not having to pay for multiple medicines, spending a week being sick, and having to stay home from work.
  4. Try using home remedies — Instead of paying for expensive medicine at the store, do some research online and see if you can find some remedies that use items you already have at home. This will not only save you money, but you also won’t even have to leave the house to go to the drug store.
  5. Have an emergency fund — It’s very rare for someone to go a whole year without catching some sort of sickness, so it’s best to be prepared. Having an emergency sick fund will allow you to have money saved for medicines and potential doctors visits, without having to panic about where you’re going to come up with the money.

By following these few simple tips, you’ll be able to save yourself some money next time you get sick. That way, you’ll be able to focus fully on getting yourself healthier again and hopefully be prepared if you get sick again.

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2 Comments on “5 Tips for Saving Money When You’re Sick”

  1. My son has been sick with what I think is the flu for a couple of days now and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, so I’m trying to figure out what I should do. I appreciate that you mentioned that it can be smarter to go to a walk-in clinic instead of going to the emergency room for something like this because it can help you save money. I think it would also be nice because a walk-in clinic could probably help treat him faster as well. I’ll have to look for one that I can take him to.

  2. As I agree that one should set aside enough money to pay for medicine and hospital visits when one gets sick, I believe that one should also consider finding an urgent care facility. For example, if one gets into a car accident and gets a knee broken in the process, said medical facility can help bandage it up. Any tips on how to choose the right urgent care facility?

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