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Financially Alert Recommended Crypto Resources

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, & NFT (non-fungible tokens)

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One of the best and trusted names that allow you to buy, trade, and hold cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a publically traded company (COIN) and beginner-friendly.

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Digital Collectibles

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Largest NFT marketplace (think eBay)

Here are a couple of introductory posts to help you understand the basics of crypto:



Before we go any further, please know that I believe cryptocurrency is our future. With that said, there are going to be many opportunities to profit from emerging markets and evolving trends. HOWEVER, the flipside is also true. There will be times when it seems like a "sure thing". Just remember, there never is, and to keep a level head.

Although I believe in blockchain technology, I'm not willing to bet the majority of our asset base on it. If you've read my blog then you'll know that I'm a big fan of hard assets like real estate, or stocks that have exposure to blockchain.

That said, I have some speculative monies set aside to work these high-risk high-return opportunities. I personally know people who have gained (on paper at least) 6 and 7 figures within less than a year and without a lot of upfront capital (less than $10,000).