How Empowering Beliefs Unlock New Opportunities

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Empowering Beliefs

I thought I’d do something different with this post… a quick video.

Bare with me as I figure out this new medium.  This video may out right, suck! 😉

But, that’s part of the point (and the fun!).

This is me jumping into the deep end.  Unless you’re incredibly blessed and talented in a particular area, it’s going to take some time to figure s%*! out.

I don’t mind being the guinea pig!

Some Background

If you told me a year ago that I’d be adding a video of myself, I would have said you’re crazy!!

I used to like playing it nice and safe.  I wanted full control over everything so that everything fit nice and neat into a little box.

The only problem with this model is that it limits my own ability, and also my ability to positively serve others.

The Catalyst

About a year ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny in Boca Raton, FL.  It was life changing because it really helped to reawaken ideas dormant inside (for details, see my post here).

I came into that week holding many limiting beliefs around my abilities to influence others.  Luckily, I made some decisions and emerged with new empowering beliefs that would fuel this blog this past year.

My Old Beliefs

I’m not a great communicator. 

I don’t know how to articulate things.

As an introvert, I’m not supposed to be good on camera.

No one wants to hear what I have to say. 

Now some of these beliefs weren’t necessarily conscious.  In fact, I would create stories to justify the way I was.  I was settling for less than I could be.

My New Beliefs

If I don’t try video, I will live in regret.

I can reach and serve more people using video.

People’s lives will become richer because of what I have to say.

Creating videos is fun and exciting.

The beauty about these beliefs is that I got to choose them consciously.

What to Do with Your New Beliefs

While it’s certainly possible to adopt a new belief and never look back, there’s a tendency to flip back and forth between an empowering belief and an old limiting belief.

I’m sure you’ve probably experienced the same.  It’s the tug of war between what you “know” and what you “feel” deep inside your gut.

If it happens, don’t beat yourself up.  What I have found is the more action you take, the easier it is to move the momentum and create a habit.

Quick Notes on My Video Setup

Sitting in a couple of video sessions at FinCon16 really affirmed the power of video as well as it’s growing trend.  So, there’s a legitimate opportunity here as well.  Furthermore, I have some goals this coming year to build out a couple of courses which would really benefit from video.

Anyhow, both sessions really talked about just using what you have to get started.

So, if you’re curious about my current video setup, this is it:

  • CameraMacbook Air 13″ internal webcam
  • Audio – Audio-Technica ATR2100 (usb into my macbook)
  • Lighting – sunlight from my window
  • Studio – my home office

As you can see my setup is incredibly simple.  But, I am considering purchasing a couple of softbox lights so I can record during the late hours of the evening when I’m most active with the blog.

As of yet, I haven’t really started to figure out how to really edit anything.  I’m just taking these in a straight shot for now. 🙂

Readers, what are your thoughts on video?  How’d I do with my first one (you can be brutally honest!)?

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19 Comments on “How Empowering Beliefs Unlock New Opportunities”

  1. Great video and great message, Michael! I can totally relate to the old beliefs you had…still not sure when I’ll do a video. This was very motivating and inspiring! Thanks!

  2. Awesome work Mike, quality is great and you’re very confident and polished there!
    Agree with all that you’re saying here as well, be honest though how many takes did you do? 😉

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to see more!

    A looking to consistently create habits that are making me feel uncomfortable i.e. went outdoor rock climbing on the weekend for the first time and while I felt a bit out of my comfort zone it was exhilarating and very rewarding

    1. LOL, it was really my first take! But, I should note this wasn’t intended to be the video I was going to post first. I had another one that I had several takes but realized it wasn’t as relevant. Interesting distinction, right? We tend to relax and not fumble as much if we’re in a state of relaxation vs. stress. That’s the power of state!

      Anyhow, thanks for the feedback. I definitely have some improvements to make, but it’s a fun challenge.

      BTW, rock climbing is awesome!!

      1. It is an interesting distinction and you can really see the passion and excitement and you could say you’re in a flow state :)..

        Agreed on most challenges being fun and yes it’s definitely awesome although there are a few bruises haha!

  3. Great message Michael! I couldn’t agree more.

    People have been telling me my whole life “you can’t do that”. They were so wrong! I’m glad I never believed them — I’d be far poorer today if I had.

    I stubbornly trudged forward with what I believed in, and ever so slowly made it real!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you, Mr. Tako! There’s a reason why you are where you are today. 😉

      When and where do you think you adopted your unconventional beliefs?

  4. Awesome stuff! How many takes? The first time I jumped in front of the camera, I ended up re-filming over and over again. Haha

    Hopefully this is the kick in the pants for me to add some videos to Rental Mindset!

    1. Well, surprisingly this was my first take on this topic. However, I had a few other random topics I tried. This one just seemed to apply best since video is something new for me and a result of a new belief. 🙂

      With the video on my about me page, I probably had a dozen takes!

      Rental Mindset would definitely be cool with some videos!

  5. Great first video, Michael! The one thing I would recommend is let more of your personality come through when talking. Smile more, as you do in real life, and even though it is a serious topic, the delivery does not need to be so serious.

    1. Thanks Jeff, I think that’s valuable feedback! I should hang a funny picture in the background to remind me to keep smiling throughout. 😉

  6. Not bad! I believe that you will get better the more videos you do. I’m always excited to read more content from you about how you’ve gone down the unconventional path to success. Gives me motivation to figure out ways I can build my wealth outside of my day job.

    1. Thanks SMMD! I hope to compare side by side one day… maybe a year from now. 🙂

      And it’s definitely easier to take an unconventional path than ever before.

    1. Oh, thanks for that resource, Josh! Definitely looks interesting. And yes, 2-minute videos seemed to be an optional length during the video breakout sessions.

    2. I second this recommendation. Before a bigger video project I was working on, I decided to invest the $100 for the basic lighting setup on Wistia. It looks a lot more professional than my test videos!

      I gotta say though Michael – your lighting looks pretty good! Must be that San Diego sunshine …

      1. Yeah, I had no clue that lightning made such a difference! The sunshine is definitely workable during the day, but the overhead fan light doesn’t do so well at night. 🙂

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