Financial Independence Report – April 2022

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Financial Independence Report – April 2022

Take a peek at our personal numbers for the month of April 2022.  This includes a synopsis of our net worth and monthly cash flow activity.

Learn HOW to calculate your net worth, but NEVER define yourself by it.  Curious as to WHY I calculate and share our personal net worth?  I explain it here.

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April – Overview & Updates

Last month I shared with you about getting outside of my comfort zone and speaking at a real estate conference. Well, shortly thereafter, a new speaking opportunity popped up in April.

And it’s exactly the next step I need… to be on TV… haha!

A local TV anchor, Heather Myers, found my website and asked me to come on their afternoon news show.

So, I’ll be a guest on our local San Diego news channel CBS8. It’s a quick 4-minute segment to chat about early retirement, the book, and tips for San Diegans to beat inflation.

If you’re in SD, please tune in (Wed, May 11 @ 4pm) 🙂

Anyhow, April felt like it went by in a flash!

We started the month with a quick trip to Las Vegas. The kids got to fly for free since my wife and I both earned our companion passes this year. We got in pretty late on a Friday and then proceeded to wait nearly 2 hours to get our car rental!

We ended up staying at our condo as hotel rates were insane that weekend. It was a combination of people coming in for the BTS concert (that’s why we were there) and spring breakers.

We spent Easter weekend up in L.A. visiting my inlaws and my extended family. I have a really large family, so it was nice to see some of them in person again since all of our family parties were on hold since COVID.

I also kicked off a new nutritional program called, WildFit. The idea is to give your body a break from foods that humans are not yet evolved to. So basically I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting out all refined sugars. Cutting the sugars has been the hardest part as I’ve historically had a pretty big sweet tooth. What’s fascinating though is once you cut it out, your body doesn’t crave it like before.

Finally, last weekend was an insane NFT drop. Yuga Labs which owns the largest NFT brand – Bored Apes just dropped the metaverse NFTs called the Otherside. There was a crazy amount of demand for the project so people were willing to do anything to get their hands on one of these NFTs. I was just about to sit this one out given the amount of $$ you had to bring. But, I ended up partnering with my cousin who was kind enough to bankroll the crypto. So, I got to mint (purchase) one for me with my wallet and an extra for him.

I immediately flipped it once I had it in hand for 7.88ETH. After all of my costs, were accounted for, I had just shy of 3 ETH… or $8000. Not bad for a few hours of effort. What I would learn just 24 hours later is that the NFT which was unrevealed at the time I sold it, actually contained a very rare character in it. And that character was worth as much as $100K the following day. Ah well… It’s impossible to know and I decided to play my odds safe. I’m okay with that!

Alright, let’s get to the numbers…

Net Worth Summary

April finally put the breaks into our net worth gains.

We finished the month at $3,208,283 vs. $3,241,594 this past March.  This is a -$33,311 decrease to our net worth or –1.38% by percentage.

Although we still had some nice appreciation for our real estate holdings, the stock market correction knocked us back and I also had some NFTs drop in value.

I expect some further volatility ahead, so I will be more mindful of our cash flow moving forward.

Cash Flow

Cash flow was POSITIVE for April.


Personal capital is great to track normal transactions, however, it couldn’t track my NFT flip which earned me an extra $8k on the last day of May. So, you’ll see I’ve adjusted this manually to account for this.


Income for April was UP from the last month to $22,809.

Our recurring income is primarily made up of my wife’s teacher salary, rental income, dividend income, misc investment income (like NFTs!), and online income (coaching, online related, book, etc.).

As mentioned above, the income should be $8000 higher due to the Personal Capital software limitations and adjusted it to +$22,809.

I need to follow up with the property manager in LV to see why we haven’t gotten deposits recently as we should have already paid off the transition expenses by now. Once this kicks back into place, real estate income should be ~7K+/month.


April’s expenses of -$20,999 were UP compared to last month.

This month’s largest expenses went to paying taxes (both filing and estimates).

The electronics expense is a bit deceiving because I purchased a new ipad, pencil, and keyboard. And then subsequently found it cheaper the day later at Costco. So, I had to return it to Best Buy and rebuy it again from Costco. You’ll see the INCOME reflects this refund of ~$1k.

Education was quite large as well as we paid for a full year of my son’s taekwondo classes for a year. By pre-paying, we lock in an additional 3-months for free on the tail end.

Restaurants and eating out were definitely way up there again. Costs at all restaurants are UP across the board. However, we know we can always pull this discretionary expense back anytime. AND, since I’ve started my new Wildfit program, I won’t be dining out as much because there are a lot of refined sugars out there for me to avoid!

I did spend about $10K in NFTs to capture my $8K in profits. But, those calculations are outside of these reports since I had to manually create a spreadsheet to figure it out.

Finally, note that our mortgage payment for our primary residence has been cut down to $2500 which includes our PITI (principal, interest, taxes, & interest) PLUS an extra $300 that goes straight towards the principal (to accelerate our mortgage payoff).

Portfolio Balances (Equities)


Stocks corrected in April which led to an 8.5 point drop in our equities portfolio.

This is both a good and bad thing. Good because we need the growth to slow to curb inflation in our overall economy. But, bad because this stifles growth.

I’m still anticipating further volatility ahead. How about you?


Asset allocation hasn’t changed much, just the overall value which we saw reflected in our net worth chart.

Final Thoughts

I’m definitely looking forward to May and the start of summer soon.

I’ve already begun to prepare for my LIVE news interview on CBS8 and looking forward to seeing what new challenges lie beyond.

As a quick side note, I’ll be talking about I-bonds which are currently paying a whopping 9.62% APY!! This is a fantastic virtually risk-free investment that most people don’t know about. I just purchased some and plan to get more for my wife and kids. You can find more details on the Treasury Direct government website since it’s issued by them.

Outside of this, I’ve been continuing to invest in crypto and NFT-related assets. This may prove to be foolish, or incredibly smart in the long run. Only time will tell. 😉

Readers, how was your April? How are you dealing with inflation?


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