Financial Update Report – March 2017

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Financial Update Report – March 2017

Below you will find a snapshot of our personal financials for the month for March 2017.  This includes a brief synopsis of our net worth and monthly cash flow activity.

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March Overview

Financial Update Report – March 2017


March was definitely a month to remember.  In addition to turning 40 years old, I also had the good fortune to knock out two bucket list items.  The first was dining at the French Laundry which was a fantastic and memorable experience.  It also put a nice dent in my wallet. 😉

Secondly, my wife and I were able to sneak away to Kauai for few days without the kiddos.  While we were there we took a helicopter ride around the island and even got to land next to the Manawaiopuna Falls (a.k.a. Jurassic Park Falls). It was breathtaking.

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have shelled out the $325/person fee, but my cousin insisted it was the best thing he did while he was there a couple of years ago.  He was right.  It was well worth it and we didn’t feel too bad given the rest of the trip was covered for free by credit card points we picked up through promotions.

Net Worth Summary

We ended the month of March at  $1,773,477 vs. $1,768,595 this past February.  This is a nominal $4,882 increase in our net worth or +0.3% by percentage.

After all of these crazy expenses, it’s nice to see that we still had a tiny bump up.  Our portfolio was flat this month, so the increase comes from nominal shifts in real estate values.  We are expecting a tax refund this year as well, but it will depend on when we get this because I’m still waiting on some RealtyShare’s K1s.

Cash Flow Summary     

All things considered, I was happy to end March just a small negative cash flow of -$561.

Income of $15,025 was up from February by a $2093 in large part due to quarterly dividends.

Our income is primarily made up from my wife’s teacher salary, rental income, dividend income, and misc investment income (eg. RealtyShares).

I was also returned $5000 of capital from a RealtyShares investment that paid off which initially showed up as income, but I re-classified it because it was a return of principal.


This month we spent $15,586 which is much higher than average.  The major outlier was for travel.

Even though our trip to Kauai was paid 95% by points, we still decided to splurge on the helicopter tour ($650).  The remainder you see is actually for upcoming travel at the end of the year when we are taking the family to the United Kingdom (for a close cousin’s wedding).

Oh, and one reclassification I just noticed… we didn’t spend $1000 on clothing in March.  That was Personal Capital automatically trying to classify “The French Laundry“… haha.  That would have been one expensive dry cleaning bill!

Portfolio Balances (Equities)

There’s not too much to share in and around our portfolio other than it’s nice to see quarterly dividends hit.

I’m still bearish long-term (5 years out) on the market and raised a little additional cash in March.

Other than that, we were pretty flat this past month.

Final Thoughts

Well, I’m not gonna lie.  It’s pretty fun to splurge sometimes… especially on bucket list items.  Of course, moderation over the long haul is super important.

What you don’t necessarily see here is many years of saving and investing.  Remember, I saved 50% of our income for over a decade before retiring early.

I’m looking forward to spending some time at home for a couple of months before our next trip (fishing in Mammoth) and get some spring cleaning in.

I hope you are enjoying the springtime as much as I am.  In San Diego, there is a wildflower bloom like I’ve never seen before.  So, I’ve been trying to take advantage by doing a little hiking with the kids in the canyon nearby our home.  It’s great exercise and very cost effective.  🙂

Okay, I’m off to review our 2016 taxes now.

Readers, how was your March and your first quarter of 2017?  Are you getting ready for taxes (completed, getting ready, or filing an extension)?  

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18 Comments on “Financial Update Report – March 2017”

  1. Impressive net worth at age 40! I came across your blog a while back and was really interested in your post about the townhouse which you unfortunately couldn’t rent out. That’s an important lesson for newbie real estate investors.

    Glad to see you and your wife had a great trip! 🙂

  2. Oh, nice French Laundry, was it hard getting a reservation? Got any pictures? I’m thinking of hitting up Eleven Madison for my anniversary this year but I’m worried that reservations will be hard to get now that they won the top restaurant award! I have to make sure to get out to French Laundry one of these days as well.

    1. Yeah, did a quick on post on the French Laundry here.

      Eleven Madison looks awesome. I can only imagine it will be super hard to get into now after winning the top restaurant award. Let me know if you get in! (Amex concierge is your best bet if you have access to that).

  3. Hey Michael! That’s so cool you took the helicopter ride. I did the same thing one time before and it was so fun. That’s funny about the classification of French laundry. Was it as amazing as the critics say? I’ve never been.

  4. Hey, I think it’s important to splurge on those experiences. 🙂 I’m still jealous of your trip to The French Laundry! March was decent: we put an extra $1,500 on student loans since it was a three-paycheck month for me. But we were over budget on several categories, so we have work to do in April. 🙂

    1. MPP, great minds think alike! 🙂

      Nice job putting another $1500 into your student loans. That makes a big difference over the life of the loan.

  5. That’s funny about PC categorizing The French Laundry 🙂 I’ve found I need to review where they put things too. Glad you had such a great trip to Hawaii. I was in San Diego for work back in January and then again at the beginning of March, and I must say it was so nice to see how green it’s gotten with all the rain. Wish I could see the wildflowers now. I need to finalize my taxes this weekend. I did a preliminary review a few weeks back and the results weren’t too fun.

    1. Thanks, Amy. Yeah, we’re loving the green! I can’t believe we were in such a huge drought just the year prior.

      Good luck knocking out the taxes.

  6. Looks like you had a great time in Hawaii Michael! Spending it on the things you love is what makes it all worth it!

    Congrats on a great month, and good luck on the taxes!

  7. I had a pretty decent Q1 with some nice returns in my portfolio. Here in Australia we file taxes in July, so luckily I don’t have to worry about that yet.

  8. Nice month as usual! I’m so behind on my taxes, but I always file an extension and then just pay approximately what I owe. Can’t really see any downside not to take the extension, since it gives me more time to plan things out.

    1. FP, I used to love extensions myself… that is until we started expecting tax refunds. Then, I was like hurry up, let’s get ’em in and get our money back! 🙂

  9. In March you were definitely living the millionaire lifestyle! Fun to splurge on the right opportunities, like limited time for a couples trip.

    My taxes are done, thanks in large part to someone else doing them. Things are complex enough with my business and rental properties that I decided years ago it would be best to let someone else handle them. I do it in early February so I can start planning what I owe or get back.

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