Financial Update Report – September 2017

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Financial Update Report – September 2017

Below you will find a snapshot of our personal financials for the month for September 2017.  This includes a brief synopsis of our net worth and monthly cash flow activity.

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September Overview

Happy Fall!  The weather in San Diego is finally cooling down a touch and I love it.

September was yet another increase in net worth and a negative for cash flow.  Let’s have a quick look at how this penciled out last month.

Net Worth Summary

Net Worth pushed forward again with a 5 digit gain.  We ended the month of September at $1,934,374 vs. $1,919,580 this past August.  This is a $15,794 increase in our net worth or +0.8% by percentage.

The majority of this increase was due to the rise in our portfolio and real estate holdings.

Since I use Zillow as my home value estimate, I like to double-check my home values are within line with recent comps.  Sometimes it’s out of whack and I will adjust down or up as needed.

For example, our primary home value rose again.  In this case, it’s a reasonable move because the home just a few doors down just sold for $705,000.  Their lot is a bit larger than ours and they have some additional upgrades, but it’s essentially a very similar home.  Our estimated value comes in at $633,645.  So, it seems within a reasonable estimate.

Since September marks the end of Q3, I thought I’d provide a quick update on how net worth has moved over the past 9 months.

You can see from the beginning of the year we’ve seen a strong 11.1% increase in net worth.  This is attributed primarily to compounded interest via investments made many years prior.

Cash Flow Summary     

September was a negative cash flow month again with a loss of -$2916.  This is was our largest loss for the year and I’ll discuss specifics below. 

Income of $12,396 for the month was lower than usual due to one Vegas property recently being turned over.  While vacant we’re missing out on ~$1100 revenue.

Our income is primarily made up from my wife’s teacher salary, rental income, dividend income, and misc investment income (eg. RealtyShares).


This month’s expenses of $15,311 were above average for the year.

There were several larger investments that caused this (see “other expenses”).  First was ~$1000 to paint and touch up one of the Las Vegas properties before we begin to rent it back out.  Secondly, I had another FBA order and sent in $735 as a down payment for my next bulk order of product.

Some other misc one time expenses include U.S. Passport fees for the kids and my wife (renewal), some misc babysitting, etc.

Portfolio Balances (Equities)

My portfolio lagged a bit behind the S&P 5oo this month, but that’s okay.  As you can also see from a one year graph, our portfolios continue to climb with the markets relatively steadily… despite being more heavily weighted in cash nowadays.

Final Thoughts

Well, no extravagant trips for me this past September.  Although, we did complete our annual Fall trip up to the Bay area to visit some friends and family.

We enjoyed a lot of good food as always and rounded off the trip with a one night stop in Solvang, California (near Santa Barbara).

The kids had a blast walking around the souvenir shops and taking pics with windmills, etc.

Finally, I just completed funding $30k into a syndicated real estate deal which involves the purchase of a 190 unit Class-B apartment building in San Antonio, Texas.  It’s a relatively conservative investment, but this money will be tied up for a while (~few years).

Readers, how was your September?  What’s new with your finances? 

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13 Comments on “Financial Update Report – September 2017”

  1. Does it ever stop feeling strange to have a negative cash-flow month at the same time you have a jump in net worth? Money is very funny sometimes. My September was good, but had to shell out lots of money for invisalign. Thankfully, it is helping with my TMJ and sinus pain. Just have to suck up the costs for a bit.

  2. Hi Michael,

    i love your blog, I also currently living in the bay area and trying to follow your footstep Kinda hard with the bay area prices but slowly I will get there. I am curious what this “syndicated real estate deal” is. Can you write more on this?


    1. That’s an excellent question, Hiep. A syndication is a way to people to invest in real estate as a group. Typically there is a sponsor who goes out to find the deal and raises money from different investors. They usually get a portion of the deal since they did a lot of heavy investing in the beginning to find the deal. They typically structure it into an LLC which has different subscribers/members who place money into the deal and then expect a return. A syndication has to follow certain rules and regulations to protect all parties.

  3. Another great looking month Michael! I’m looking forward to another FBA update to hear how it’s going.

    Our dividend income this month was pretty great at close to $10k. How much of your $12k this month was from dividends vs.rental income? It’s not terribly clear from the image.

  4. How is the turnover going on your property? Any surprises or issues?

    Solvang is fun! I remember going as a kid, then went nearby to Chumash Casino a ton right after I turned 18 haha. Sometimes would go spend the winnings in Solvang, or kill time if I ran out of money…

    1. Yup, Solvang is right by the casino. Yeah, I used to go when I was a kid. It always felt like another world with all of the colourful buildings, etc.

      So far the property looks ok. Just needed paint and a few touch ups.

  5. Glad to see your numbers chugging along. Also interested to read a future update of your FBA since it looks like you decided to stick with it. Was your real estate deal through RealtyShares or another source?

    1. Hey Mark, the real estate deal was a private syndication. However, it’s got a similar structure to a realtyshares deal. I just happened to like this one better.

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