How I Quickly Saved $756 By Being Nice

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Ever hear the term, “A dollar saved is a dollar earned?”  Well, it’s true!  I just cut $63/month (or $756/yr) off my cable bill with a simple phone call and by being nice.

As most of us know, cable companies, Internet providers, and cell phone companies love signing us up with enticing promos.  Free phones, cash cards, and services are a great perk!  Well, that is until the promo period expires and your bill jumps astronomically.  Although I was aware of the upcoming changes, I wasn’t expecting our TV and Internet service fees to jump from $123/month all the way to $181/month!  Whhaaaatt?!

Well, did you know that with a simple phone call you can usually get back to another promo period?  You can certainly do this, and it’s super easy.  Here’s how I quickly saved $756 by being nice.

After calling the main AT&T service line, I selected “Disconnect/Change Services”.  My conversation then went a little like this:

Kristen @ AT&T:  How can I provide you with 5/5 service today?

Me:  I just noticed that account is no longer within the promo period any longer and subsequently is a lot higher at $181/month.  Are there any other promos you could move me into that would get me closer to my previous monthly costs of $118/month?  I would certainly appreciate it, otherwise I’d have to remove some of my services.

Kristen @ AT&T: I’m sorry to hear about your concern with your monthly costs.  Let me check and see what I can do.  (Pause) (Pause) Looks like we could get it down to $150… well, even $138 before taxes.

Me: Silently listening.

Kristen @ AT&T: But, I realize that’s still not all the way where it was.  Give me a minute to speak with my manager and we’ll see what we can do.

Me:  Great, I appreciate it Kristen!  <<– Make sure to use the rep’s name to acknowledge they are helping you!

(Waited on hold for 5 minutes)

Kristen @ AT&T: Okay, good news, I spoke with my manager and we’re able to get you to $128 and allow you to keep all your current services intact.

Me: That’s great Kristen I appreciate your efforts here.  Would it be possible to get in down even further to my prior monthly bill?  Looks like we’re off by $10 or so.

Kristen @ AT&T: Uh, let me see if there is anything else we can do.  Give me another moment and I’ll speak with my manager again.

(Waited on hold another 3 minutes)

Kristen @ AT&T: Okay, Mr. Hall.  We are able to get this to $118, or in order to get it lower, we’d have to remove some services.

Me: Wonderful.  I appreciate it that a lot.  That price point will work for me.

Kristen @ AT&T: No problem.  Thank you for staying with AT&T.  Please note this promo will last 12 months from today.

Me: Excellent.  I will keep that in mind.

Kristen @ AT&T: Is there anything I can help you with today, Mr. Hall?  Have I provided 5/5 service to you today?

Me:  Nope, that’s it.  Thank you for your help!  5/5!

Kristen @ AT&T: Thank you Mr. Hall.  You have a great day.

Oh yeah, and the reason you call the “Disconnect” department when calling in is that you are bypassing several layers of sales and getting closer to the reps that are able to make real adjustments to your account.

The beauty of this process is that it work with just about any large company’s services.

I literally spent less than 30 minutes to save $63/month!  Viewed another way, my time was worth $1512/hr for that small window of time.   The truth is I probably would have taken any discount they would have given to me, but it never hurts to ask.  You will probably get something and if you are continually nice and stay persistent, you can usually find the floor.  In fact, it’s entirely possible I could have pushed it even further.  But, I was simply grateful for what I got at that point.

Just remember that when you call big companies, there is another human being on the other side of the line.  If you treat them with kindness and respect, they are typically willing to help you in any way they can.  But, if you do connect to someone who’s not willing to help, politely ask for their manager, or simply hang up and call again.  It will be time well spent!

I should also note I’ve made similar calls like these over the years with great success to companies like Time Warner Cable, Verizon Wireless, etc.  How about you?


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3 Comments on “How I Quickly Saved $756 By Being Nice”

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  2. Mate brilliant stuff, sounds like you’re the new Ramhit Sethi haha
    I agree and although I haven’t been successful with reducing insurance costs, this is fine I’m not too concerned

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