How My Date with Destiny Found Me (Part 2 of 2)

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Thanks for following along with me on my journey on How My Date with Destiny Found Me.  And, if you haven’t read it yet, see How My Date with Destiny Found Me – Part 1.

Part 2

In this rather long post, I’d like to answer a few questions for you:

  1. How much were the overall costs and breakdown of expenses for Date with Destiny?
  2. How would you honestly describe your experience at Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny Seminar?  What’s it like to be in room with Tony Robbins LIVE?
  3. What are the major distinctions/breakthroughs you came away with after attending Date with Destiny?  How has it changed your life?
  4. Was it worth it?  Why??
You Paid How Much??

As you read in Part 1, I had $10,000 literally fall into my lap that I wasn’t expecting right when I needed it.  Talk about catalyst!  There was no denying a message from someone!  😉


So, of course, I reinvested that $10,000 promptly on my final day of UPW (Unleash the Power Within) and signed up for Mastery University which is a package of three different seminars combined (Date with Destiny, Life Mastery, & Wealth Mastery) at a significant discount vs. if you purchase them separately (purchased separately they amount to ~$24,000 for all 3).  You then have 2.5 years to attend these events at your discretion.

But, let’s back up a touch.  Spending $10,000 is NOT an easy decision by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, I was downright skeptical at the beginning which is what kept me from acting the first time they presented the offer.  “What’s their angle?”  “Surely they are benefiting far more than I am.”  were thoughts that raced through my head.

Even after I did the sign-up, and up until a few weeks ago, I was still second guessing myself.  But, at some point, I finally relinquished control and just let it in God’s hands.  No more worrying, and if worse came to worse, I could always turn in your materials 1/2 way through the seminar for a full refund (which I probably wouldn’t have done anyways because of pride).

So, the worse possible case scenario was I was out $10,000.  I could live with that.  When I really started to think about it, I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars in a single day on paper.  And while I wouldn’t like it, I’d be okay and life would move on.

Date with Destiny – Boca Raton, FL – 2015

Date with Destiny – Cost Breakdown

So, the entry-level cost of Date with Destiny (DWD) retails for $7,995.  I suspect however that most people typically pay closer in the range of $4,500 to $6,500 on average if purchased as an add-on, or with some sort of discount.  (Note: If you’ve really got a lot of excess cash, there are some premium options available as well.)

The DWD seminar is offered only once per year in the U.S. (Florida this year) and only one other date internationally (Australia).

I was originally going to wait an entire year to attend DWD, but it just happened to work out with my wife and Grandma’s schedule in December this year and I pulled the trigger.  I couldn’t be luckier to have such a great support system at home.

boca resort

The actual seminar was held at the Boca Raton Resort (Waldorf Astoria).  By the time I signed up, the entire hotel was already booked and that was probably a good thing considering it was ~$400/night!  So, I found a modest Hilton Doubletree a couple of miles down the road for $125/night which was much more in line with my budget.  (After all, I’d only be sleeping here a few hours each day).

I was able to book a relatively cheap flight on Spirit Airlines for ~$400 round trip (including luggage and seating fees – optional paid features on Spirit) from San Diego.  I had one layover each way in Houston, but since it was the same plane, I didn’t even need to de-board when I arrived which was nice & convenient.

You do need to handle food on your own for the most part.  The hotel obviously has some options for you, but a lot of people end up packing food and drink for the entire day.  It’s entirely possible that Tony can get up on stage and not leave the room for 10+ hours without taking a single bathroom break…. seriously.  About half the days, we were provided with some sort of meal like a wrap or soup, but just come prepared – you don’t want to miss anything!

The Tony Robbin’s LIVE Event Experience
date with destiny

So, I’ll do my best to describe my experience, but no combination of words will fully color the experience as it was.

The first day of Date with Destiny started on Tuesday, December 15th.  I arrived a touch early around 9:30 am in order to check-in and get my badge.

The place was alive with energy and you could feel the excitement and anticipation from 2800 overachievers buzzing around the room!

We were finally let in the room around 10:30 am and we had a little time to meet the people around us.

Just an FYI, for the last 20 some years, I’ve been a pretty shy introverted individual that always keeps to myself.  But, in this environment, you couldn’t help but feel connected to everyone around you and striking up conversations was easy and fun!

So before Tony hits the stage (the same holds true for UPW), they have a team of people who gets the crowd on their feet.  The room starts to get dark and the music starts bumpin’ like a crazy party.


Oh yeah, Tony keeps the room incredibly COLD in order to keep himself and all of us awake throughout the seminar.  Guys typically love this, but the gals usually come dressed in many layers including ski parkas!  Nevertheless, once you start dancing around, things warm up quickly.

I should also note that I was always the person that was “too cool” to dance.  So, with some heavy reservation, I decided to let loose and inhale the full experience while I was there.  Thankfully I did because you will get whatever out of this experience, what you put in.

Tony’s philosophy is to train in an immersive environment, so the days ARE long.  On average, we would end around 2:00 am in the morning and then reconvene the following day around 9:30 am.  So, it is intense.  But it’s done in a way that is engaging and entertaining.  Honestly, you don’t really even notice the time flying by!  That’s why I highly encourage you to attend at least ONE of his LIVE seminars before you make any judgment.  (Checkout UPW as a great entry-level event to understand what I’m talking about.)

As soon as Tony hits the main stage, the place goes NUTZ.  I mean crazy!  You’ll find people jumping up and down the aisles, standing on their chairs, and yelling at the top of their lungs.  And if you don’t think that’s enough, he then tells you to take it up another notch and to “really go for it!”.


When he’s finally ready to have you sit down, you can imagine you’re in a pretty pumped up state.  And that’s the KEY.

While it’s fun and entertaining to go wild in a seminar, that’s actually NOT the point of doing it.  The point is to get yourself into a peak state of physiology because that’s the point where your brain is the most receptive to training and learning.

Tony’s presence is dynamic, to say the least.  He’s got a raw intensity about him and he doesn’t sugar coat anything.  In fact, he likes to use colorful language at times, simply to drive home points.  And yet, you can also feel he’s got an incredibly huge and compassionate heart.  He’s not there for the money (his companies already generate $5B in annual revenues), he’s there because he genuinely cares about each person in that room.


The first thing Tony tells you is that “I’m not here to be your guru.  I’m not here to tell you that positive thinking is the answer.  That’s bullshit.  I’m just a guy.  A guy that has been fortunate enough to work with millions of people and have uncovered specific patterns from some of the most successful people around the world.  Along the way, I’ve developed tools and strategies to help you to live an extraordinary life.  But, it’s up to YOU to do the hard work.”

Tony Robbins is a master story-teller.  He’s able to engage you with stories we can all relate to, and in the process, you are able to make associations and distinctions within.

He also engages the audience each day and brings forth individuals to share their personal stories about why they are there.  I can’t even begin to tell you how inspiring some of these stories are.  And while I’d love to share some of them, I also promised to keep them confidential.  So, guess I’ll just have to share my own!  🙂

Breakthrough #1 – Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

So DWD is all about taking back full control over your own life and achieving at a level you desire.  But, in order to get to that place, we had to first really understand what drives us now and peel back the layers of fear that are holding us back.

One of the most powerful distinctions which Tony talks about is our 6 Human Needs.

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Growth
  5. Love/Connection
  6. Contribution

Everyone at some level has all of these needs.  And the way that we value these needs ultimately shapes the model of the world as we live it.

In fact, we typically have a specific hierarchy of how we value these needs and the top two are called our Primary Needs.  Depending on how we value each of these, will ultimately dictate how we filter the world around us and create the rules and stories we live by.

Let me use myself as an example here…

When I honestly asked myself where I used to live the majority of my life, I realized that I valued SIGNIFICANCE and CERTAINTY above all my other needs.

So is this good, or bad?  Well, it’s actually a combination of both.

Valuing these as my primary needs has given me incredible drive over the course of my life.  It’s allowed me to achieve at levels outside my peer group (SIGNIFICANCE) and given me a lot of CERTAINTY by finding financial freedom by 30.

On the flip side, valuing SIGNIFICANCE would leave me stressed, worried about what others thought about me, and ultimately I was disconnected with those closest around me.  The drive for CERTAINTY has also stunted my dreams of what is possible for myself and left me minimizing my God-given talents in exchange for comfort.

This understanding then led to uncovering the Primary Question I’ve been asking myself most of my life.  It’s a question that I asked myself so often, I didn’t even realize I was asking it!

How can I become more significant in order to get people to like me?

It sounds a bit silly now when I see it written out, but by being completely honest with myself, I realized that this question was driving me at a sub-conscious level.  The more I thought about it, the more it makes sense.  The fear of not being enough -> the fear of not being loved.

So being able to see this question on paper really allowed me to see that my main driver for SIGNIFICANCE was the main reason I wasn’t able to love/connect with others.  Operating from a place of SIGNIFICANCE and CERTAINTY didn’t allow me to be vulnerable. Catch 22!

But here’s the best thing.  Once I uncovered this, I had the opportunity to re-evaluate my primary needs.  Remember, YOU are not a function of your past.


YOU get to re-write and re-order your needs if you so choose.

So, here’s my new order of needs today:

  • Love/Connection
  • Contribution
  • Growth
  • Variety
  • Significance
  • Certainty

One of the best distinctions is that if I serve others through love first, everything will cascade downwards from here.

Love/connection -> Contribution -> Growth -> Variety -> Significance -> Certainty

This literally changes my entire focus in life.  It will change how I communicate with friends and family.  It will change the way that I write.  I’m finally writing from the inside out (from my heart), vs. the outside in (from my head).

This change in order also directly affects my primary question.  It has now become:

How can I love and enjoy even more in this moment now?

This one simple distinction and shift in focus changes everything.  The more I ask this question of myself, the richer my life has become.

I’ve already found myself reaching out to others that I previously wouldn’t have before.  I’m filled with gratitude for all the blessings in my life, both good and bad.  Because ultimately, every life experience is what led up to the gift of TODAY.

This also really changes my focus internally and I’m more clear with my 10-year plan than ever before.  My purpose and mission are to help others to live a rich life.  I intend on doing this by helping others to grow their finances and simultaneously helping them to uncover their WHY for building wealth.

My vision is to help as many people as I can to build wealth in a manner that leaves them fulfilled, happy all along the way, and eager to receive/contribute more than they ever thought possible.

This will be entirely apparent in this site moving forward, and also as I begin to launch my coaching services in 2016.

Breakthrough #2 – An Intimate Relationship without Intimacy is Just a Friendship

The second major breakthrough I made at DWD was around relationships.  Specifically, around how I can reconnect with my wife at a level we haven’t been at for years now.

I’ve been together with my wife now for over 18 years (10 of which we’ve been married).

There is absolutely no denying that we love each other, but if you asked me the level of passion that we’ve had over the past several years, I’d have given it a 2/10.  That’s harsh I know, but it’s true.  We loved each other dearly, but we were missing the intimacy that we once had.

I think both of us at some level just figured it’s a part of life and a phase you need to go through.  BS.



“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time.  There are too many mediocre things in life.  Love shouldn’t be one of them.”

– Dream for an Insomniac

When Tony told us there was a way to get back to where we were when we first met, I was super excited, but with reservation.  I didn’t want to get my hopes up to high.

But, he spent an entire day focused on relationships and I was hooked.  We learned about:

6 Different Positions of a Relationship

  • Position 1 – A magnificent relationship with love & passion.
  • Position 2 – A relationship with love, but little or no passion.
  • Position 3 – A relationship with not much love and not much passion.
  • Position 4 – You are planning your escape.
  • Position 5 – You are not in a relationship but want to be in one.
  • Position 6 – You are not in a relationship and don’t want to be in one.

Based on this, I quickly identified with Position 2 (as did a large majority of the room).

What Tony taught next was invaluable.

We learned about relationship stressors that can cause a marriage or long-term relationship to deteriorate over time.

Why does attraction diminish over time?

We learned how depolarization occurs when masculine energy and feminine energy are not fully expressed between one and other.  This can lead to irritation, frustration, stacking, and stonewalling (shutting each other out).

So, what can we do to escape this common pattern?

It’s shockingly simple, but it boils down to understanding ourselves first and finally understanding each other.  I can’t cover everything we learned in detail, but here are some quick notes you can use TODAY to improve your relationship.

Men, try this with your woman.

  1. Give her attention, ALL the time!!
  2. Be completely present with her, ALL the time!
  3. Give her reassurance, ALL the time!

If you do this, your woman ain’t going ANYWHERE! 😉

Remember, being present with your woman means you are really listening and empathizing with her.  She doesn’t want you to FIX IT!!  (No matter how much you want to.)  She simply wants to be understood and heard.  Just beyond that rant/rambling is an incredibly beautiful state and your woman will LOVE you for it.

It’s not easy to do necessarily, but you do it because you’re a man and you’d do anything for the woman you love.  Let her know that you would fight to the death for her and never let anything happen to her so long as you live.  Make her FEEL it.

Women, try this with your man.

  1. Admire and appreciate him for who he is!
  2. Be open, vulnerable, and playful!
  3. Give him FREEDOM and love!

If you do this, your man ain’t going ANYWHERE!  😉

Masculine energy needs to run wild like a stallion.  Embrace this and let your man run free.  You will find yourself feeling more loved and safer than ever before.  Embrace your playful nature and share your innate sensuality.  It will drive him crazy!

Remember, building an extraordinary and fulfilling relationship starts with YOU.  Always ask the question, “How can I give even more of myself to meet my partner’s needs at the deepest levels?  How can I get addicted to finding new ways to making him/her happy?

I can’t tell you how excited I was to get back home to my wife and just be present with her.  In fact, I shared openly with my entire group.

Let’s just say, it’s been an explosive past week home!  Wow.  I’d say we jumped from a 2 all the way to a 9!

Now I’m not naive enough to think it’s always going to be peaches and roses from here on in, but just to know that we can get back to where we once were (Position 1) is so incredibly exciting on so many levels.  Boo yah!!


So, was Date with Destiny worth it?

1000% yes!!

How could I ever place a price tag on finding the core of who I AM?  Or, having the opportunity to write my own destiny exactly as I see and feel it?  Or, learning the ultimate strategies to show up as the best version of myself for my wife and children…  PRICELESS.

How could I ever place a price tag on resurrecting my marriage from a slow emotional death that brings back passion, purpose, and joy?!  PRICELESS.

Would I have known what I was going to uncover any of this before attending the event?

Absolutely not.  It took a leap of faith, moving beyond my comfort zone, & a $10k intervention!

My New Outlook

new outlook

So in the end (or shall I say, the beginning), it looks like My Date with Destiny found me.

Someone/something/God/the Universe was looking out for me and I am sooooo thankful that I was given these gifts of clarity.  I can’t thank Tony and his team enough for facilitating this journey and I will always be a raving fan.  I met some incredible people at DWD who will be friends for life and I can’t wait to explore my next Tony Robbins event.

The world is my oyster and I want it ALL.  I want my income and lifestyle to be a full reflection of how many people I am able to serve and help.  If I’m doing an outstanding job, my life will continue to flourish.  I don’t expect it to be an easy road, but it will be one paved with new blessings around each and every corner.  Life is about possibility, NOT settling for good.

Finally, I don’t believe you’ve read this post on accident.  I think you were supposed to (as weird and strange as that may sound!).  And, maybe, just maybe… you’ll find some inspiration to trust your gut and step over any fear holding you back currently.  If you do, I believe you’ll begin to feel the wind of God’s grace upon your back and begin to realize it’s always been there all along.

All I can say at this point is that if you have the means, find a way to get to one of Tony’s LIVE events.  You won’t regret it.

Know that it’s not a matter of changing into someone you’d like to be, rather a remembrance of who you ALREADY ARE at your core.  If you truly embrace your essence, life will blossom and flourish well beyond your wildest dreams.  It’s freedom that is unlike anything I’ve ever known, and I lovingly wish this for YOU.

Readers, I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I’ve learned, but I fully intend on sharing more with you over the coming year.  Thanks for taking the time to read my longest post to date!  😉  I’d love to hear any of your thoughts or questions.  Cheers!

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43 Comments on “How My Date with Destiny Found Me (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. “On the flip side, valuing SIGNIFICANCE would leave me stressed, worried about what others thought about me, and ultimately I was disconnected with those closest around me. The drive for CERTAINTY has also stunted my dreams of what is possible for myself and left me minimizing my God-given talents in exchange for comfort.”

    I felt like you were talking about me when reading this. We are the same person!

    Until just recently I didn’t know much about Tony other than he’s “that guru” on TV. A couple of months ago I listened to Tim Ferris’s first podcast interview with Tony. That led me to both of his money books and the Unleash the Power Within CD. I have to say that I have a whole new view of Tony now and a lot of respect for what he does.

    The DWD conference sounds like quite the experience. What is the format like? Is Tony talking to the crowd the entire time? Do you interact in groups or discuss your own thoughts/feelings/insights with others? Is there any interaction with Tony himself? Trying to get a feel for the dynamic of it.


    1. Hi Drew, I get you’re a super achiever, aren’t ya! Well, the DWD conference is awesome. But, if you want to see what Tony’s all about first, you can always attend one of his UPW events first. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

      DWD is definitely a more intimate setting and you do work within groups. But, interaction with Tony is limited unless you’re one of the people he calls upon. And given the sheer number of people, it’s unlikely. Having said that, it’s still an incredible life-changing experience. I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone who’s regretted going!

  2. Dear Michael,

    I love your post. Thank you for being so honest and insightful of Tony’s work.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Hey Michael, Thank you for your post. I am really on the sidelines for DWD. I just attended UPW. To be honest, the money is a real stretch for me, and if it’s covering many of the same topics as UPW, then I’d rather realise upfront before paying. I am uncomfortable with the amount of selling that occurred in UPW, especially after they had pried the audience which felt a little irresponsible to me. Having said that, enjoyed Tony immensely. I also love that you are a financial investment professional! Would love to hear more. Have read more than a few of your list above. Kind regards, and please any further information on DWD would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Audrey, thanks for sharing your feelings. I know you are not alone with them. I agree that certain parts can seem a bit “salesy”. I try to keep in mind that Tony is trying to reach a certain individual and if it’s you, great, it will resonate. If not, it’s okay too. Everyone’s situation will be different, so you have to make the proper choice for yourself. Perhaps you delay it for a year and save up specifically for it. But, I do HIGHLY recommend people to attend DWD because it was so incredibly helpful and liberating. I simply want you to experience that for yourself.

  4. Michael,

    I enjoyed reading your post about your “Date with Destiny “. I love how you saw this retreat as an investment.

    I also love how you stated that it’s not an accident t that readers have stumbled upon this and that you factor God into the mix 🙂

    I was wondering what some of your favorite books and podcasts are about finances, relationships, emotional health, spirituality etc.

    I am not at a place to invest much but I am wanting to become more financially stable and have multiple sources of income.

    Eventually I’d love to go to DWD 🙂 but until then I’d love your thoughts!


    1. Madysen, here are a few of my favorite books.

      Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within
      Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom
      Gary Keller – The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
      Ken McElroy – Rich Dad Advisors: ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss
      For spirituality, the Bible is abundantly rich with stories

      Also, you can check out my blogroll to see which other PF blogs I follow. 🙂

  5. Hello, Michael,

    Thank you! You are completely correct, I was meant to find your blog post on DWD, it has cleared up any doubt I had about attending, and has given me the confidence it is what I truly need to move forward out of a terrible 10 year funk I have been experiencing, so I can become the person of contribution I want to be in the world…And, after having signed up yesterday for the seminar in Dec 2017, I just figured I would be in the main room, so I had a moment of panic. To my great surprise, Jim Donahue, who signed me up was incredible, he got right back to me, even though it is early Sunday morning. The care Jim has shown towards me has made me feel great about the organization of TR.

    I just want to thank you, your writing touched my heart.

    Warmest wishes to you and your family.


    1. Thanks for the warm comment, Trisha! Jim is awesome and helped me personally before with a couple of my events. You’re in great hands. 🙂

      You’re going to have an incredible time in December. I’d love to hear about it once you’ve gone. I know one thing for sure… life will never be the same!!

  6. Michael,
    I just watched I’m Not Your Guru on Netflix. Wow….just WOW.
    Of course I have the bug now to attend DWD in December, in Florida. I have no idea if it’s now to the overflow room or not. I have paid my divorce attorney ALOT of money….way more than the cost of a Tony Robbins Live Event and I can assure you…my attorneys made me cry in a bad way. So I think it would worth the investment. I’m 48, single and rebuilding my life. My Ex tried to destroy me. I look at this as my college tuition for my next step in life. Word of advice…it is better to add value to what you already have than to seek out pleasure in a temporary “pleasure treasure.” So keep your wife happy….Happy Wife…Happy Life!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Tracy! I agree. Relationships are truly the juice of life. Sometimes you need to seek a new one that matches who you are present day. Wishing you all the best. You won’t regret any time and money invested in a live Tony event! 🙂

  7. Micheal, I’m so proud of you for choosing to go. I went to UPW L.A. earlier this year and it changed my life. I’m signed up to DWD Florida and can’t wait. Thank you for your detailed notes, observations, and updating people like us on your continued growth. Inspiring!

  8. Hi Michael,

    GREAT POST!!! I just went to UPW this March in LA (2017) and it was amazing! I paid a down payment for Mastery University and then found out I had unpaid taxes that my ex hubby never paid so my wages are being garnished. Also I am a substitute teacher, going to school full time to become a teacher, so needless to say… I have a lot of bills and school debt and no extra for a big 10,000 investment. However I am dying to go and I told the rep I would save for next year. Do you think I’m making a smart sound decision? I mean Tony always says, “Don’t spend more money than you make.” And although I would go into further debt, I think it might be wise to pay down my taxes and school debt and hold off until next year. What are your thoughts? This has been killing me for the last few months, and December DWD is right around the corder and I’m just aching to go. Please, I know you don’t know me, but it would be so nice to hear your feedback. Thank you friend. Have a great night.

    Barbara Milliorn

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m so glad to hear you had the opportunity to experience UPW in LA (2017)! I was actually trying to go back myself and bring my wife, but it was sold out many months in advance.

      Sorry to hear about the wage garnishing. That’s tough when you weren’t even aware of the back taxes.

      With regards to your decision to wait, I do think that’s the smart way to go. As awesome as DWD is, I’d hate to see anyone fall further into debt because of it and I suspect Tony would feel the same way.

      However, you can use this huge desire to take massive action to make this a reality for you the following year by saving prudently. Then when you’re at DWD, it will be even more powerful given the momentum you’ve already built up just getting there!

      Also, in the meantime, you can always get access to Tony’s material through his programs, or even watching him on youtube, etc. This will help you to keep your UPW momentum.

      Wishing you all the best and trust that whatever comes your way (including wage garnishments), it’s for a reason!

      All my best,

  9. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for taking the time to write and post this. I just purchased the DWD ticket for Boca in December but unfortunately they only had Destiny Lounge available so I will not be in the main room even though they told me I will have the same experience, which I wonder, but I rather go and be in the next room than wait another year, and maybe by some strange “meant to be” they may find 1 extra chair for me (LOL) and I’m not saying that in a selfish way I am willing to pay the full price even though it will put me more in debt, which is very scary, as I’m self employed and my pipeline is dry. Specially that I am the one that is financially responsible for my daughter and both my parents, it’s a very scary place for me to be in right now. My depression has gotten the best of me, have been struggling for over a year now and I feel and see my fiancé is being pulled down this hole with me so my relationship is getting worse every day. Communication became misunderstanding, money issues are always making any attempt to work it out together to more stress and tension. I understand the decision I made to go to DWD came to me as a flash few days ago and I just contacted my account rep and told her get me a ticket I don’t care just get me in!

    Please excuse my long heart pouring story here, but what you wrote “this is probably not an accident that I came upon your site” really got my attention, so even though usually I am not the person that writes or leaves replies, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading this. You gave me hope, so thank you so much!

    God bless you and your family! I wish my fiancé would be open to go as I really want to save our relationship.

    I would love to know more about your plans to start coaching and I hope it works out for you even better than you imagined!

    Thank you!

    Anita Lowe

    1. Hi Anita,

      Fantastic, I’m so excited for you! Thank you for taking the time to share so openly from your heart. There are not a lot of things in this world that I would go into debt for, but a ticket to DWD is definitely one of them. I do know for a fact that people in the destiny lounge are impacted in the same if not very similar ways as the main room. Most importantly is that you play full out while you’re there and things will “magically” fall into place!

      What is exciting is that you’ll learn so much about yourself that will naturally enhance your relationships, or provide clarity if that’s what’s needed. You’re going to learn all about what you value and how to align that with your work and relationships around you. When you finally feel that, all your stress and anxiety will melt away. And, as much as you want your fiance to participate, give him some time. My wife hasn’t attended anything with me yet, but we still are able to benefit as a couple from the deep lessons learned at DWD.

      Well, I don’t want to give away too much, but simply have faith in the process. Like you said, there is a reason you found my post and someday I’ll bet you’ll be sharing your story with someone else. Please keep me posted! God bless you and your journey ahead!


  10. Oh thank you soooooo much Michael I really appreciate your feedback and my mind is pretty much nearly made up!! Like you I had no intention of going, but as I’m hungry for more I’d rather learn and grow more so I can apply it to myself and others. I’ve found that from doing the fire walk at UPW was nothing compared to everything else that I got from the event. I’m definitely doing UPW again in the future and like we say JUST DO IT, as life is WAY too short!! Yes I also LOVED meeting so many people and networking and I look forward to doing more. Since last wknd at UPW I feel that my life will never be the same as proximity is POWER and I’m a feeling it!!!! I’ll let you know how I go next year at DWD (let’s hope that I remember!) and see how life is then! Take care and greetings all the way from Melbourne Australia!!

  11. Hi Michael I just read your blog and THANK YOU so much for sharing!! I totally agree with you 100% and I’ve just attended Tony’s UPW here in Australia and it was MIND BLOWING!!! I’m now wanting to do Date With Destiny next year and what are your thoughts on this…? Just DO IT if I can??! Life’s too short to keep on waiting and to not take it to the next level. Have you done a UPW also? It would be nice to get your feedback if you have and a comparison with date With Destiny. Thanks! Angelique

    1. Angelique, I’m so excited for you that you were able to experience UPW! What an awesome and powerful few days, right?? I still remember how pumped I was after attending last November. It was life changing. I remember thinking, how could Date with Destiny get any better than what I just experienced?!

      Well, there’s always another level. I, of course, wouldn’t have gone to DWD, but a little divine intervention really helped to push me forward and I was attending just a month later as you read in my article here.

      It’s really hard to describe DWD vs. UPW, but as great as UPW was, DWD was on a whole other level. You won’t be able to comprehend that statement until you go (I kept hearing that too before I went), but if you have a little faith that the statement is even half true, it’s probably worth your time and effort to go!

      I would say that DWD is a more intimate experience where you really get to dig into your personal blueprint and decide what you like, and what you want to re-write. Not only that, but you will meet incredible people from all walks of life that will become your extended family away from home.

      Like you said yourself (and Nike)… JUST DO IT!

      Make sure you come back and share your experience with me when you do go. Life will never be the same. 🙂

  12. Hello Michael, amazing post to read , thanks for your insights. I was thinking of going out on a limb and travelling for DWD this year from London but unfortunately they only have the next door lounge seats available! I am gutted but still considering it. Now I know you were in the main room but would you have any idea or know anyone who did stay in the lounge area and if they still thought it was worth it? Do you think you’d still get the same experience? Otherwise its next year I’ll have to wait!

    1. Hi Simon, I completely feel your dilemma! I know most who attend the lounge still feel an incredible impact in their lives. If you’re wanting to go to make an immediate change in your life, there’s nothing quite like acting in the present.

      However, if you’re already rocking and rolling and simply want to up your game, it may be a good idea to wait. Needless to say, it’s a much more intimate experience being in the main room. You’ll have to tell me what you choose ultimately!!

      If all else fails, say a quick prayer, flip a coin, and let fate decide.

  13. Would it be okay to do Date with Destiny first without having done UPW? I’ve heard it is best to do UPW, but it would work out better financially and timing-wise to do DWD only. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for this great description.

    1. Hi Tracy, you can definitely do Date with Destiny first! UPW is awesome in its own right, but DWD takes it to a whole new level. Try to get a seat in the main room though if possible as they can fill up quickly and overflow is in another room next door. I’d love to hear about your experience after you attend! 🙂

      1. Thank you! That is helpful. How do you get the main room? Just arrive early (and how early)? Or is there a special ticket?

        1. Hi Tracy, the main room is a designation when you actually sign up. The ticket price is the same cost, but again, highly recommended to reserve a seat in the main room and you get to do so for the entire conference while you’re there.

          If you’d like, I can put you in contact with Jim, who can help set that up for you when you’re ready, or answer any specifics. Just let me know.

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  15. Man, while I’ve only skimmed this loving your description and I’d say at some stage I’m keen to check out a Tony Robbins event..

    Not sure if you’re a massive reader, one gets the sneaky impression you might be haha however there’s a great book called mating in captivity by Ester Perel ( which is really interesting and talks about the difference between intimacy, love etc.. I’m reading this at the moment, despite being single, relationships and the longevity of them are important for me 🙂

    Thanks for being very vulnerable, great to read Mike!

    1. Thanks for the reading suggestion. I’m always looking for new books and food for thought!

      I’m really glad you were able to see my openness here. There was a day not too long ago that I was completely closed book. We always have the ability to change if we want to. 🙂

  16. Whoa, Michael, how did I miss this post last week? Anyway, thanks for sharing about your experience! It sounds like it truly was a life-changing event (man oh man, would I have trouble with a cold room, but it sounds like it would be worth it). 🙂

    1. Haha… you definitely would be in good company with all the other girls, Sarah! But, it looked like the girls had it well under control with multiple layers and super warm jackets. 😉

  17. Hi Michael,

    It sounds like an amazing and highly inspirational event! I hadn’t thought about attending a Tony Robbins event but you’ve inspired me to consider it. I guess it’s an investment in your future and it sounds like it will surely pay strong dividends. All the best to you in 2016!

    1. Thanks Laura Beth. You’re absolutely right!

      “The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself…” – Warren Buffet

      Investing in yourself will pay dividends indefinitely and also to those around you.

  18. Thanks for sharing your Tony Robbins experience Michael! I’ve always wondered what it was all about. Can you share with us the catalyst as to why you decided to seek out Tony Robbins in the first place? You mentioned about significance and your relationship.

    Do you think having a child helps or hurts a relationship? I often see couples break up or get a divorce after having a child within five years.

    It is understandable but passion will fade after 18 years and doing things to rekindle it is a whole lot of fun.

    1. Sam, I’ve been a Tony Robbins fan since I was an early teen, simply because he studies peak performance from the world’s best achievers. I’m always looking for an edge, so it was a natural attraction to study his tools and techniques. However, I’d never been to a live seminar of his until a buddy of mine gave each other that extra push to make it a reality. I’m so glad I did because knowing his material intellectually vs. feeling it just brings it to an entire new level of understanding.

      I don’t believe children are either good nor bad to a relationship. They are kind of like money in the sense they can magnify a beautiful relationship, or drive a couple further apart if it’s already unstable.

      In the example we see more often (and a path I know first hand), the parents can start to use their children as a means of meeting the need for love/connection. But sadly in the process, they distance themselves even further from each other and intimacy fades. If left unchecked, a man will begin to ignore or appease his partner and the woman will try to control more from her end. This then leads to resentment on both sides and the relationship is close to being donesky (whether or not it’s visible or invisible).

      I was happily surprised that learn that passion doesn’t need to die over time. But we do need to maintain our masculine or feminine energies at our core and focus that energy onto our partners. These two forces placed together are what generate the sparks (polarization) and are the foundation for intimacy. A masculine energy man needs to be able to feel completely free, while a feminine energy needs room to be playful within a space of feeling completely safe. I’m just exploring this concept myself, but let’s just say, so far so good! 😉

  19. Your heart and love are very transparent now! I feel loved over the course of reading your blog! You have amazing writing abilities Michael!

  20. Wow Michael! It may have been your longest post, but it went by quickly as I read it. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and new direction. The question I have for you is whether you can keep up the momentum you gained at the seminar. I would hope so for $10,000 🙂 However, I have found myself at inspirational events that fire me up to institute change, but it slowly fades away and I slip back into old thinking and habits.

    1. That’s an excellent question and certainly a real issue for a lot of people returning from a high energy environment that supports these initial changes.

      Tony’s answer is simple and blunt… “The training never stops!”

      For me, this means continually reviewing and refining my mission. Taking time each day to live in full gratitude for what I have. And, matching my physiology with my thoughts (which I didn’t really have a chance to get into with this post).

      Having a mastermind group that can support each other is invaluable as well. I’m also going to be working with a coach from their team over the next year to help keep me accountable. I also have two more events included in my Master University credits. So between all of these reinforcements, it should really help me to continue the momentum forward.

      Happy holidays Jeff!

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