How to Start a Blog: A Step by Step Quick Start Guide

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How to setup a blog

Are you considering starting your own blog?

Great!  Well, today is the day to make that a reality.  I’ll show you how step by step.

Why You Should Blog

Okay, let’s begin with your WHY.  There are thousands of reasons why!.

But, it’s probably because you have the desire to share a passion of yours.  You could blog about a hobby, family, work, or anything really.

Want to add some icing to the cake?  If you are consistent and resonate with your readers, you can get paid to do something you love!!

And even if you don’t want to monetize your blog, it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends, relieve stress, and attract a like-minded community.

What’s Stopping You?

I know a lot of people have told me they are just too busy to set up a blog, or that it’s too complicated.

Totally understandable!  And that’s exactly why I created this quick start guide to walk you through the process.  It literally only takes 15 minutes (no technical experience needed)!

Also, I’d recommend NOT starting out spending a lot of money.  But, don’t go free.  You’ll be limited with free options (like no domain name) and you’ll quickly outgrow it.

How to Start a Blog

Starting with a Website Host

There are a LOT of choices when it comes to finding a website provider to host your blog.  And, it can become overwhelming quickly.

So, I’ve created this tutorial using Bluehost as the example.  Why?

Bluehost which is one of the largest, most reputable, and cost-effective website providers in the world.

Likewise, I can’t think of a better starting host.  I’ve used them personally for launching a few different blogs of mine.

Finding a Plan

Head over to Bluehost and you’ll find a simple page which will walk you through setting up your page in minutes… let’s do that here.

Just click on “Get Started Now” and it will take you to the plans page.

Select a Plan

As you can see we’re literally only talking about $6 or less to start!  That’s a cup of Starbucks per month. 😉

But, don’t feel like you need to get a more expensive plan.  You can always grow into a larger plan as you grow.  So select the plan that best fits your needs.

*Insider secret – Sign up on Black Friday week to get even bigger discounts!

After selecting your plan, you’ll need to choose your domain name.  A domain name is simply your website address.

In my case, my domain name is

So, if you don’t have one, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one.  Or, if you already have one, you can use one you’ve registered for.

Enter Contact Information

Next up, fill out your contact information to create your account. Confirm the package you want is correct, and select any optional add-ons you may want.  (Hint: if you don’t know what they are, click “more information”… still don’t know what they are? chances are you can skip them)

Next up is the payment screen where you’ll enter your credit card information.

And then click “submit”.

Next up, you’ll need to choose a password.

Make sure you create a strong password since you don’t want anyone hacking your account.

Login for the first time!

Choose a WordPress Theme 

When you’re done setting up your password, select a WordPress theme that you like.

Note: WordPress is the most versatile blogging platform and super easy to use.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly like you want it to initially, you can customize this more as you like, easily change your theme later on.

Now click on the “Start Building” button and it will take you to your customized WordPress dashboard.

The dashboard is the central area in WordPress where you can create posts, pages, and updates any settings to customize your blog.

Choose whether you want to set up a business or personal site.

Final Steps

Click on the “Launch” button to publish your new site.
It will prompt you for a name for your site.

That’s it!!  Told you it was EASY.

Beyond the Basics

As you can see, setting up your very own WordPress Blog doesn’t need to be hard, or cost a lot of money.

WordPress is a very intuitive interface and most people can navigate it well with little to no instruction.

However, if you need additional assistance, there’s a blog for that!

And, Bluehost is great with support.  They offer 24/7 support to assist you with any technical challenges you may encounter.

Tips for Blogging Success

You’re going to love being able to share ideas that are important to you and finding others who resonate with them.

So, as you begin writing your blog, here are a few other tips to get you started off right:

  • Write from a place of passion and authenticity.  Write for you and/or others you want to help.  Don’t’ try to write for everyone and be someone you’re not.
  • Realize that you are unique and no one will approach blogging exactly the same as you.
  • Write consistently so that your readers will begin to follow you with regularity.
  • Have fun.  There are endless things you can do with your blog and the types of content you can create.  Experiment and see what you like.
  • Interact with your blog’s niche community.  In my case, I’m a personal finance blogger.  And, I was blown away at how many unique personal finance blogs are out there.  I enjoy reading and commenting on other people’s sites as a way to exchange ideas and help each other out.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been meaning to do this post for months now, so I hope you found it helpful.

Blogging is a wonderful medium to get out there and interact as your true authentic self. And, I can assure you that blogging is quite rewarding and cathartic.

It’s also a fun and challenging side hustle that has potential to grow alongside your efforts.

Readers (or should I say Bloggers!), what kind of blog are you writing/going to write?  Why are you passionate about this topic?  Leave a link below and I’ll check it out. I’d love to be your first comment. 🙂

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2 Comments on “How to Start a Blog: A Step by Step Quick Start Guide”

  1. I actually got started doing my blog from reading posts and the how to guide from Financial Samurai years ago. And I’m still at it today. I remember having to look up a lot of YouTube videos, but I did it. You are 100% correct that you do not have to be tech savvy, just willing to learn as you go.

    Thanks for the guide (newbies like I once was need it! ?


    1. Thanks, Miriam. I’m glad you can still appreciate a newbie’s guide by reflecting on where you’ve come from. You’re a pro now! 🙂

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