IHOP Kids Eat Free: How to Score Free Pancakes Weekly!

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IHOP Kids Eat Free

Do you love breakfast at any time of the day? Ready to score some free pancakes and waffles with your kids?  Well, IHOP is one of our favorite Kids Eat Free restaurants.

In this review post, I’ll give you the lowdown on what to expect for their IHOP Kids Eat Free promo.


Quick Update – 10-10-19 – check out their latest Kids Eat Free promo! Everyday…wow.


IHOP, or International House of Pancakes, has bee around for over 5 decades now!  I remember eating there as a kid with my Mom and have such fond memories.

Kids Eat Free at IHOP

One of IHOP’s most popular and ongoing promotions that we love is their Kids Eat Free specials.

Each location may have a different day when they promote this special, but for our local IHOP, we can have our kids eat free on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

The Kids Eat Free deal is typically one free kid’s meal per adult entree ordered.  It is available from 4 pm to 10 pm.

You should note that they don’t always advertise (visibly) their IHOP Kids Eat Free promo, so just ask the host or server and they’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.

Find your local IHOP.  They have nearly 1700 locations, so there’s likely one close to you!

IHOP Kids Menu

The IHOP Kids Menu is available to children 12 and under.

There are some fantastic choices for kids.  Popular choices are the Funny Face Pancake or the Jr. Chicken and Waffles.

Prices vary by location but are typically in the range of $6 to $8 per meal which is reasonable.

It’s great when you can score multiple IHOP kids eat free meals!  Last week we saved $14 off our total bill for our daughter and son.  🙂

On the back of the menu, there are a few games to keep your little ones busy before dinner.  I love playing the box game with my daughter.

Occasionally their kids’ menu will change with the seasons and special promos, but it should be somewhat similar throughout the year.

This last week, both of my kids ordered the Rooty Tooty Jr. which gives you the option of ordering a waffle or pancake, one topping (strawberries, etc.), a piece of sausage and a piece of bacon, and eggs (although you can substitute for hash browns).

Note, this wasn’t on the menu anymore, but since the kids order this often, we asked the server and they were able to still find it in their POS (point of sale) system.

The kids love their wide array of syrups (old fashioned maple, blueberry, strawberry, & butter pecan).

Menu Options for Parents

Now some of you may not think of IHOP for dinner time, but in addition to breakfast, they’ve got a nice menu of savory items.

For example, my wife and I like getting a savory main entree and then adding on pancakes as our side.

I like getting omelets here.  They do a great job and integrating fresh ingredients with some gooey cheese.

And, if you’re a little more health conscious like me these days, you can even get an egg white omelet.  This includes fresh spinach, mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, and is only 370 calories!

This entree comes with a side of fruit, but I admit I swapped my fruit for a couple of pancakes at no extra charge!

My wife likes ordering the tilapia entree.  It’s pretty good too and only about 650 calories.

You can also order a Florentine version which includes a sauce also.

IHOP Drink Options

You should note that the IHOP Kids Eat Free special doesn’t include drinks.  However, you can easily add a variety of beverage choices to their liking.  They have milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, etc. for your kids.

For us, our kids usually just drink water… and it’s free…hehe.

If you like coffee, IHOP keeps your cup topped off with an entire coffee carafe left on your table.

Paying Your Bill

Many times your server will bring you your bill right after you receive your food.  Don’t feel rushed, but just know it’s there whenever you’re ready.

When you’re done eating, you simply bring your check to the front lobby to pay at the register up front.

Doublecheck your bill for accuracy and make sure they’ve applied the IHOP Kids Eat Free discount.

If you receive decent service, tip off the pre-discounted amount as a courtesy to the wait staff.

Final Thoughts

IHOP is one of America’s most successful franchises.  I think this is due to their ability to keep a consistent and quality product across all of their restaurants.

So while there may be subtle differences between your IHOP and mine, chances are you’ll find some very similar deals.

Want even MORE  free pancakes!? Here’s an extra stack just for signing up for their MYHOP app.

Readers, do you take advantage of IHOP’s Kids Eat Free promo?  What other restaurants do you like eating with your little ones?

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  1. Yaaass! My kids luv IHOP. They always get the funny face pancake and OJ. We actually have kids eat free every day!

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