Silly Ways People Make Money and What We Can Learn From Them

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silly money

It’s rather amusing when you think about all the silly ways people make money!

When I say “silly”, I think about the words: absurd, funny, and unconventional.  Sometimes we get a little too serious with the topic of money, don’t you think?  There’s apparently a market for everything.  Here are a few that made me chuckle. 😉

Silly Ways People Make Money

Creator/Publisher of a Viral Video

Take for example the latest YouTube craze, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. So simple, so catchy, and so profitable!

This guy, Daimaou Kosaka, hits a funny bone nerve with this one. The Top 3 YouTubers who shared this video have already racked up over 160 million views.

A simple calculation from YouTube Money Calculator estimates ad revenues from this one video to be $546,270 and counting! There are also hundreds of covers also collecting a nice chunk of change.

Find a trend and ride it for as long as you can!

Professional Cuddler/Snuggler

ways people make money 1

The next silly way to make money is to snuggle up to a stranger and give them LOVE!  No, not in a sexual way, but by cuddling or snuggling them like you’d expect from an affectionate pet.

Human beings are certainly social creatures and crave contact.  For those missing that in their lives, I suppose there would be a market for such “therapy”.

These “professional” cuddlers can command up to $80/hr for their services (ref: Snuggle Buddies).  Fascinating!

Virtual Farmer & Developer

entropiaDo you like playing video games?  Do you have a knack for building up virtual real estate or objects?

Well, perhaps you can have a second job as a virtual farmer or developer.  Virtual farmers and developers play video games in which they build up online assets.  These assets are not only valuable in the game, but can command big dollars outside of the game as well.

Yes, people will pay for other people’s online assets for a hefty premium!  I think that’s silly, but enough people unite to create a lucrative market for these digital entrepreneurs.  Take, for example, Club Neverdie in Entropia Universe.  Jon Jacobs sold it for $635,000!

Don’t like development or farming?  Worry not.  You can mine virtual gold for real cash too!

Professional Mourner

sad-1533965_640This next one is so silly, I’m crying!

Maybe I should try my hand at becoming a professional mourner!  These savvy professionals are hired to mourn with you and your loved ones in a time of loss.

These actors of sorts can help to act as crowd fillers.  I suppose you could call them extras on the set.  They help to help create a solemn mood with their presence.  Good professional mourners will do their homework on the deceased.  They will even interact at a funeral to help spark good memories of the deceased.

*On second thought, this job isn’t for me.  I can’t cry on demand unless I’m laughing uncontrollably.

Pet taxi driver

ways people make money 2

You’ve heard of the dog-walker, or surely a pet-sitter.  Heck, you’ve probably heard about the pet-psychologist.  But, how about the pet taxi driver?

These well-paid drivers pick up Spot and take them places like the groomers, a training lesson, or even to meet their owner for a quick lunch in the park!

I guess we’ll do just about anything for our furry little friends, won’t we?

And, just wait until we fuse pet taxis with automated cars.  This will surely be a sight to see!

Selling used panties

undiesI didn’t know if I wanted to mention these unmentionables.  But, it’s too silly NOT to include it.

Apparently, the sale of used panties is a popular business in other parts of the world (eg. Japan).

An obvious characteristic of the commodity is that it must be used (ughhh)!  Prices on used panties can skyrocket in price if it’s accompanied by a picture of the original owner dressed in them.

This business is anything but common scents!

What We Can Learn

Aside from being amused from these silly money makers.  These examples hold some important lessons.

  • Money doesn’t need to be earned conventionally.  If you have a unique talent or quirk, maybe you can capitalize on it!
  • People will pay for things they can’t have, or think they need
  • Just because you or I think it’s silly doesn’t mean it can’t make loads of CASH!
  • Nurture your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit together
  • Don’t take your money too seriously

Readers, what’s the silliest way that you’ve ever made money?  Any other silly ways to make money I should know about?

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25 Comments on “Silly Ways People Make Money and What We Can Learn From Them”

  1. Don’t take money too seriously — that’s a tough one for me sometimes!

    I have a tendency to believe most of these people with income like those mentioned fall into it via luck. Maybe it’s true, maybe not.

    But forging ahead financially I tend to take pretty seriously! It’s not something I want to leave to ‘luck’.

    1. Yes, Mr. Tako. We don’t want to leave the bulk of our financial well being up to luck. However, I do believe it’s important (and fun) to steer some energy into creative pursuits that may or may not produce income. Sometimes it’s the silly gambles that actually pay off. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the latest hot Youtube video… I have to stay 1 step ahead of my 10 year old nephew!

    I don’t know that I have any recent examples, but I did have a pretty silly lemonade-type stand when I was a kid. I sold rocks. I would go around the neighborhood hunting out interesting rocks and sell them to kind neighbors!

    1. I’m happy that I was able to waste a perfectly good minute of your Monday with PPAP! Come on, how many times did you actually watch it? 😉

      That’s actually pretty cool that you sold rocks. I might have been your customer had we met as children!

  3. This is exactly one of the reasons I left my large law firm job. I was working so hard and being miserable, but making a good amount of money. But then as I started getting interested in the entrepreneurial world, I saw that people were making great money doing tons of things that we don’t think of as traditional jobs.

    When you’re growing up, no one ever really teaches you that there are a ton of ways to earn a living. I know for me (as a child of immigrants) the idea was work hard and get a job at a good company. The idea that there was any other way to make money wasn’t even considered.

    1. FP, I’m sure there are many that can understand the immigrant mindset about working. It’s great though to see thoughts and ideas evolve from one generation to another. There’s nothing wrong with being a worker bee if it gives you fulfilment, or is as stepping stone to fulfilment.

      I’m glad to hear that you can at least see the potential of entrepreneurship! There are many that go through life never realizing there was any other choice… that’s a tragedy in my opinion. 🙁

  4. ROFL! Personally, I place high value in something that can make me smile, laugh, and get me to not take life so seriously all the time. So thanks for sharing the PAPP video Michael. Those 51 seconds were worth it 🙂

    1. Yeah OB, my kids made me play PPAP again and again until I couldn’t get that stupid song out of my head!! It is a joy to see them laughing so hard though.

  5. It’s really been interesting to see some of the disruption to TV by Youtube. Things that would never be greenlighted by the tv executives have gotten millions of hits on Youtube. It’s been a great equalizer taking some of the power away from the tv executives and back to the fans. Truly amazing!!!!

    1. Yeah, between Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu, the tide is definitely shifting! TV execs probably thought the Internet was “silly” at one point. 🙂

  6. Oh man, I don’t get that video.. That’s why I’m not a good entrepreneur. I can’t recognize a trend or things that will sell. I would never pay for any of these things. 🙂

  7. Thank you for the article! It brought a smile to my face, especially the top picture. There seems to be a market for everything these days, and people are smart to see different opportunities and niches. What a great time to be a hustling entrepreneur!

    1. Glad you got a smile, PB! That was part of my intention with this post. Life’s too short not to laugh a little bit about $$$. And, it’s even better to laugh all the way to the bank if you’re the savvy entrepreneur! 🙂

  8. Firstly, Excellent Michael! I really impress with your profile. You have lots things achieved in very early in your life. congrats!
    Secondly, There are always some way for earning money. All depend on you how you capitalize these resources.

  9. Ah Michael, you got my head stuck with PPAP!! I read this post earlier with my phone but I had to come back to it just to hear the song again :p crazy what a little bit of creativity and basic editing skills can do!

  10. Haha that Pen Pineapple Apple Pen creator is one crazy yet creative looking dude!
    Nice look into the unconventional world of personal finance here Mike.

    Hope you’re well man :)!

    1. Yeah, so I guess this dude is actually a comedian/DJ who created this character for one of his bits. It worked!

      I’m fantastic, Jef. Thanks!

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