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Below you will find my Budget and Cash Flow Spreadsheet (aka F.I.R.E. Budget). I hope you find them helpful on your way to financial freedom, and beyond! The FIRE (financial independence, retire early) is spreading!


FIRE Budget & Cash Flow Spreadsheet

This is my own personal F.I.R.E. budget that I use to figure out cash flow, plan budgets, and compare actual year-end numbers. You can find a tutorial here.


Net Worth Allocation Calculator

Do you know where your assets are all located?  What percentage are allocated to which asset class?  This simple spreadsheet will help you to determine your net worth allocation. You can find a tutorial here.


My Money Map Template

Ready to get your personal finances organized?  Are you a visual person?  This Money Map will give you an overview of your personal finances in an easy to understand layout.  What was once cluttered and complicated is now EASY to understand! You can find a tutorial here.


Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill

This book is a classic that still speaks truths decades later.  Napolean Hill outlines the secrets of financial success in a clear and concise formula you can't ignore.  Want to know the origins of FIRE?  Look no further.  You can find a downloadable copy here.