What I’m Going to Miss Most About FinCon 2017

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FinCon 2017

FinCon is the largest personal finance bloggers conference – period.

This year, FinCon 2017, will be in the awesome city of Dallas, Texas.

Missing Out

Me, J$, & Brian - Photo Credit

After attending FinCon 2016 last year, I was pretty darn excited to attend again this year.

I even purchased my ticket a whole year in advance.

However, as fate would have it, I learned a couple of months later that Tony Robbin’s Life and Wealth Mastery was coming to San Diego for the first time ever (normally in Fiji).

Since I was already pre-paid for this, I had to jump on this opportunity.  You see, it’s normally held in Fiji, but San Diego is local for me and it would save me at least a couple thousand dollars.

So, that’s where I’m headed.  I’ll probably do a write-up on it later.

While I’m gone though, this is what I’m going to miss most about FinCon 2017…


One of the things I’ll miss most about attending FinCon is listening and learning from the best.

PT (Phillip Taylor, founder of FinCon) always brings the best and brightest to share their knowledge, ideas, and stories to inspire the rest of us.

Some of these bloggers are truly killing it!  They consistently earn 6-7 figures of passive income per year and are contributing excellent content to their audience.


I’m also going to miss out on meeting like-minded individuals in person.

If you’re going, this is one of the best parts… getting to put faces with Internet names!

Last year I met up with my buds, Dom at GenYFinanceGuy, and Brian at RentalMindset.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and converse with well-known bloggers.

I had a great time meeting other real estate investors.  It was fun swapping stories of FAT failures and triumphs.

FinCon16 REI

I met some really cool investors like Chad Carson (Coach Carson), who is killing it with this blog this past year and Eric Bowlin (IdealREI), who I’m investing with on one of his apartment deals… both of these guys have FIRE’d using real estate.

I even got my first podcast interview from PT (founder of FinCon & Masters of Money) because of FinCon.


At FinCon, you really can’t help but have fun.

There are so many opportunities to engage with others at sponsor parties, offsite meetups, subject matter meetups (i.e. real estate investors, bloggers, vloggers, etc.).

Last year a few people wanted some authentic Mexican tacos.  So, I took them over to Las Cuarto Milpas for some killer tacos.

In fact, if you are going to FinCon 2017, I know Mr. 1500 is arranging a beer tasting social (the beers on him… his head, shirt, & shoes).


Of course, there will be plenty of time to talk about personal finances!

While I think I’m doing okay personally, there is always so much more to learn.  You can pretty much find any niche expert within personal finance at FinCon.

The good thing is since I’m still holding on to my ticket, I should have access to the videos afterward.  So, do me a favor and share which sessions were your favorite.  I’m definitely interested to learn more about content creation, video, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and self-publishing.

The good thing is that I will be doing some extensive learning around personal finances simultaneously at Life & Wealth Mastery.  Here are some of the incredible teachers that will be there.


One thing that I value deeply is growth.

I believe we are the happiest when we are growing and moving towards a goal.

The cool thing is that FinCon exposes you to ideas that will peak your interest and naturally make you want to grow further.

How do you get the most out of FinCon?  Well, here’s my strategy from last year which will probably still work for this year.

Why I Love Conferences and How to Milk It For All It’s Worth!

also, here’s a recap from my experience last year…

FinCon 16: The Ultimate Recap from One Blogger’s Perspective

Final Thoughts

Having to choose between two incredible growth opportunities was a quality problem to have.

I’m definitely going to make the most of my time at Life & Wealth Mastery and intend to share any nuggets I pick up there.

For those of you headed to FinCon, have a blast!  Whoever said conferences aren’t fun hasn’t been to FinCon.

Oh yeah, pick me up an extra swag bag of sponsor goodies!  (Last years goodies included: selfie sticks, pens, paper, USB keys, bags, T-shirts, etc.)

Readers, will you be attending FinCon (or any other conferences) anytime soon?  What are you looking forward to learning about?

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18 Comments on “What I’m Going to Miss Most About FinCon 2017”

  1. Thanks for this. This year will be the first I’m attending. I was looking forward to it, but now I’m really pumped!
    You can’t go wrong with Tony Robbins either! Enjoy!

  2. Nooo, I was hoping to meet you in person! Glad you could go to your other event, though. Hope to see you at FinCon2018. 🙂

    I’m going to the Mr. 1500 beer meetup if anyone else is going! I’m gonna scope out a nice Red Ale to bring with me. This is my first FinCon and I feel so nervous that I want to throw up. But it’s a good kind of nervous!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’ll miss FinCon this year. But the other conference sounds exciting too!

    I can’t go this year either. I’m waiting until my blog makes some extra cash, which will then justify the cost of me going to the conference (>_<). I'm attending FInCon vicariously through other people's posts about it. ^.^

  4. Aw what a shame, I was thinking that this might be my last FinCon so wanted to wring the most out of it, including meeting bloggers like you who I’ve gotten to know this year. I hope you have a great time at the TR seminar, I look forward to seeing what you learn there!

  5. I’m missing it this year too, so we’ll have to get the gang back together next year!

    That’s cool you are doing Eric’s apartment deal. Are you going to do an article about the decision process you went through? Would love to see how you went about it going from single family homes to part of a bigger apartment deal.

  6. You Lost me at Tony Robbins. He’s a snake oil salesman.. Ya I’m sure you are walking on air today, all pumped up and full of purpose. It will fade and you will be back at the alter for another toke on the Tony pipe in 6 months. But, of course that’s just my opinion..

    1. I can appreciate your opinion, Troy. He’s not for everyone. Having said that, I didn’t pay the guy anything substantial for nearly 3 decades of my life (just a couple of books). Yet, I can attribute many of the lessons I learned directly from his book, Unlimited Power, to most of my successes.

      I know it looks a bit strange to outsiders, the jumping up and down, etc. But, it’s about engaging your physiology and matching it with your language to reset poor habits. Have you ever been to an event before?

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