Why You Should Never Pay Retail for College – Giveaway!

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Never Pay Retail for College

Hello, friends!  Ready to WIN?

I know that many of you are parents already or planning a family at some soon.

So let me ask you?  Don’t you want the absolute best for your children?

Like you, I’m doing my best to raise my children in an environment that allows them to thrive academically, socially, and morally (in no particular order…hah).

Creating Nurturing Environments

In order to do this, we need to create environments that challenge and simultaneously support our children’s talents.

And, while I don’t believe college is for everyone, the vast majority of individuals will benefit from some sort of college.  If nothing else, it’s statistically relevant that your earning power is significantly higher with a college degree.

So, unless something drastically changes, my wife and I are working towards sending both our children to college.  They are only 5 & 3 currently, but the planning begins now!

College is a Large Investment

Never Pay Retail for CollegeAlthough we are comfortable with our finances, sending a child to college is a HUGE undertaking and requires a detailed project plan to execute it efficiently.

It’s already a 6-figure investment today, so by the time my kids are ready to hit college, we’re probably talking about a multi-six-figure investment!

That’s a significant chunk of change, so why should we even bother?  Well, most of you know that statistically, a college graduate will make significantly more than someone without a degree.  It’s also an important transitionary period socially when you finally “leave the nest” (that’s the hope anyways!).

So, how should we approach this?

Hint: Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Find An Expert to Guide You

Fortunately for me, my friend, Jeff, has a client who specializes in just this area.  I didn’t even know this financial planning specialty existed, but it makes complete sense to me.

Beth Walker is a financial planner, certified college planning specialist (CCPS), the founder of Center for College Solutions, and author of “Never Pay Retail for College” which I’ve had the pleasure of reading recently.

Her mission is to help families to “successfully plan for getting into, paying for and thriving in college”.

Never Pay Retail for College


Finding The Ideal Family Intersection

Every college-bound student is unique.  Thus, we need to be able to create a plan that maximizes the potential of the student, and also supports the ability of the parents to contribute.

Beth shows us how to marry the needs of both the student and the parents to create a family synergy.

Important Students Considerations:

  • Understand College Options
  • Prep for College Admissions
  • Gain Self Awareness
  • Get the Right Mindset

Important Parent Considerations:

  • Estimate Family Contributions
  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • Assess Retirement Readiness
  • Calculate Cash Flow for College

The Giveaway

Well, if these ideas are resonating with you, look no further!

Beth has been kind enough to provide her book, Never Pay Retail for College, for me to give away my readers.  I have a hard-copy ($17.99) and an audio version ($14.95) to giveaway to two lucky winners.

This is the perfect guide for the DIYer’s preparing for their families college project.

It’s super simple to be entered into the drawing, just follow the instructions below.

Good luck!

Readers, how important is college to you?  Do you want your children to attend?  Why, or why not?  Are you actively preparing now?

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Hard Copy – MATTHEW J.

Audio Version – BRIAN M.

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12 Comments on “Why You Should Never Pay Retail for College – Giveaway!”

  1. No doubt, I wish I had found more resources when applying to college. I ended up getting 1 scholarship worth a few thousand dollars and that was the greatest feeling in the world. Had I applied to more, I probably would have got them. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. A college education is not a quick ticket to success, but I sure hope my children will go to a good school, get a great education, and then get a high-paying job that they love.

    Mr. FAF and I haven’t invested in any education fund yet, but we’ve been actively trying to pay off our primary residence, thinking that it could be a college fund for our son one day. However, I REALLY hope that he will get a full scholarship instead so that he can go to school for free.

    1. Yes, college success really depends on the individual. It really boils down to a family decision to support each other in order to maximize the ROI in the investment. A full ride will definitely be a fantastic ROI! 😉

  3. College is sssoooo expensive. I do still think it’s a necessary step for many careers, but there are ways you can lessen the financial impact of obtaining a degree. Don’t shackle yourself to debt before you even start earning a living!

    1. Yes, MPP! It’s way too easy to get shackled unnecessarily with college debt. A little planning goes a long way to managing that burden and maximizing the ROI into the future.

  4. College is expensive, but there are a number of really good “hacks” that can significantly lower the price.

    Both of my boys will have the option of using my “No free lunch” College plan when they finally get old enough, but even if they decide to do things the “expensive way”, I’m sure it’ll still be worth it.

    Education is important!

    1. Oooh, I love hacking, so why should college be any different? 😉

      Although costs are ridiculously high these days, there are also more opportunities available to get financial help (and free money) for those willing to go the extra mile.

  5. College is pretty important to me – we are big on *some* education. Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my education. I’d definitely like my kids to attend college, as it opens up opportunities – both social and financial that wouldn’t be as easily available otherwise. I’m also hoping it’ll also expose them to folks from other backgrounds which I think is important for surviving real life.

    Anything beyond is up to them. We are preparing now, but not enough. I’m hoping to ramp it up in the next few years before the oldest enters high school.

    1. I agree, WO. College is a great place to find a quality peer group who can provide positive peer pressure.

      I’m also going to need to ramp up before my little ones get closer to that age.

  6. Our kids seem to be the same age.

    I did some reading up on the FAFSA last year and it looks like real estate investors like ourselves probably won’t qualify for much. Hopefully, merit scholarships will carry the day. Or maybe there will be good enough free colleges by that time. My state, Rhode Island, already is looking to giving a couple of free years at the state school (with some, but not a lot, fine print).

    1. Wow, a couple of free years sounds great! I’m definitely hopeful our kids will pick up some merit scholarships, but who knows at this point. 😉

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